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Da Shack

If you have any allergies please talk to a member of staff before ordering. Our food may contain, have been in contact, or have been created in an area where sesame, shellfish, nuts, dairy, gluten, and other allergens are present.

Salmon and tuna bowls contain sashimi grade fish which is uncooked fish.

Raw fish maybe not suitable for people with weakened immune system and pregnant women.

Raw fish may sometimes contain fish bones.

All house bowls contain chillies and sesame.

The following items contain certain allergens:

Shoyu sauce contains sesame oil.

Nojo Sauce contains sesame oil.

Crispy onions contain gluten.

Sriracha mayo contains eggs. (please request vegan option for egg-free sauce.)

Kimchee contains fish sauce.

Waffles contain eggs and dairy.

Shakes contain dairy.

Ice cream and ice cream cones contain dairy.

Acai bowls contain dairy.

Vegan shakes contain Soy.

Allergy Information: Welcome
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